The Shari Pitts ‘Let It Be’ Scholarship Fund

The Shari Pitts ‘Let It Be’ Scholarship Fund

As a legacy to Shari Pitt’s bright light of clarity, love, and appreciation for resting back into the experience at hand, Mind Oasis has created a ‘Let It Be’ scholarship fund to help individuals in their training efforts who wish to teach iRest and Yoga Nidra.

In this spirit, Mind Oasis will be accepting applications from individuals enrolled in Certified iRest programs:

Details forthcoming – including the application, but scholarships will be made in increments of $50-100 and will be based on applicants desire to teach and work with vulnerable populations.  We want to see the light and guidance of Shari reflected in those we grant a scholarship.

To contribute to the fund, please donate here.  This is a restricted fund, which means 100% of your contribution goes directly to the Shari Pitts ‘Let It Be’ Scholarship Fund.  Simply place “Shari” in the note section when you donate!

“Letting ourselves be is an invitation to rest with ourselves exactly as we are.” ~ Shari Pitts

ReadWhen Letting Go Doesn’t Work” by Shari 

Experience her Stress Bustin’ Meditations that include: A Fulfilled Heart, Being the Spaciousness, Calm and Soothed, Deep Rest for a Challenging Time, Let It Be, Steeping in Wellbeing, and The Opposite of Stressed.