Quiet Mind, Open Heart: The Six Perfections

The Buddha described the practice of meditation as a vehicle that we use to travel the path from suffering to liberation, like a boat that helps us cross from one side of a river to the other. In this six week morning meditation series we will explore Buddhist teachings on the Six Paramitas or Six Perfections, which are six qualities that we cultivate on the path of meditation.  

Get to know Kelly in this short video where she delivers a nugget of wisdom in under three minutes! 


Tuesday at 9:00 am (CT) for 6 weeks, starting January 29, 2019

During this six-week series, you’ll explore the six perfections: generosity, kindness, patience, joy, meditation, and wisdom. These transcendent qualities help us to travel the path of awakening.

Each class will include a short Dharma talk, meditation, and an opportunity for personal reflection and discussion. This Buddhist meditation series is open to new and continuing students. 

Tiered-Pricing Options

*Supporter pays for your registration plus scholarships for others

*Sustainer pays for your registration

*Community is the scholarship rate

Kelly’s meditative journey began more than twenty years ago and has included many different styles of practice and paths of study. She has completed the two-year Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies; Sutrayana Seminary; a six-year advanced Buddhist studies program at Diamond Mountain University; and many individual and group retreats, including several that were a month long. Having received formal instruction in different Tibetan Buddhist lineages, Kelly has found a wonderful integration of deep practice and study realized in the context of everyday life.