MO' Consciousness Book Club

Mind Oasis is over the moon excited to welcome our first author for 2019 – Dr. Nancy Colier.  Dr. Colier, a frequent contributor to Psychology Today, is the author of “The Power of Off” and “Inviting a Monkey to Tea.”

Meet these gorgeous beings from the comfort of your home.  Click title for details and to register for these free events!

MOBC and Author Spotlight is lightly facilitated by MO Founder Karuna. We’ll meet for 60 minutes to meditate, discuss, and enjoy a MO’ Conscious Community once a month! All are welcome.

The bookclub is free to attend ~ donations are always welcome.

The MO’ Consciousness Book Club and Author Spotlight is designed to elevate our collective minds while supporting our meditation practice and the authors dropping mad wisdom into this world.  MOBC is free!  Donations are always welcome.

What Are We Reading?

*Note when you order the book through our site we receive a tiny kickback ~ every penny helps!

Past Author Visits

  • Bestselling Author Susan Piver discussed “The Four Noble Truths of Love
  • Author Pax Tandon discussed her book “Mindfulness Matters” and shared her inspiring short “Mindfulness Matters” film.