Current Class Offerings

Most classes are offered in a multi-week series format to encourage a routine that supports your daily meditation practice. They are all online, live, and interactive! You can expect recordings of the guided meditations and pertinent class talks in your inbox within about 24-36 hours after your class. This is intended to support your practice and it helps you stay up to speed if you happen to miss a class.

There are three payment tiers available to you.

Click on the titles below for more information and a registration link. Please note that all times are for Central Time Zone (CT). Pricing reflects cost of series or workshop.

Quick Sit: Mid-Week Inspiration

If you’re trying to stay mindful when the work week weighs heavy, join us for a quick 30-minute reprieve on Wednesday evenings with Sarah. Classes are live, online, and interactive - put on your sweatpants, grab a cup of tea, and join us from the comfort of your home.

Sarah is very generously offering a FREE prelude class on 2/28/18. Register here and take "Mid-Week Inspiration" for a spin! Series starts one week later on Wednesday, 3/7/18.

Each class of the 6-week series will offer a guided meditation focused on inspirational words for contemplation, along with a brief conversation.


Wednesday at 7:00 pm (CT) for 6 weeks, starting February 28, 2018

Meditation for Women

Meditation can be different for women than men. Far from the emptiness sought by the masculine, the feminine longs to be full — full of Pleasure, Desire, Embodiment, and Intimacy.

Drawing on the wisdom of Shiva/Shakti principles, join Marie for this live online 4-week series as she helps you explore each of these areas during your meditation. Drop-Ins Welcome!


Thursday at 5:30 pm (CT) for 4 weeks, starting February 22, 2018

Coming Home to Ourselves: Exploring the Ease of Being

Life can feel frenzied and full. No matter what we accomplish, there’s always more to do and more to think about. And we can feel constant pressure to become better.

Even with meditation, we can feel a subtle, or not-so-subtle, striving to get somewhere with it, or to do it more often, differently or better.

In this live, online interactive 4-week series with Shari, we will take a break from doing, thinking and becoming to explore and deeply rest in our home ground of Being and unconditional presence.


Tuesday at 7:00 pm (CT) for 4 weeks, starting February 20, 2018

Beginner's Mind Meditation: The Practice of Letting Go

Each day arrives with the opportunity to let the past go and to live fully in the present. In this live, online interactive 6-week series with Mind Oasis Founder Kelly Schwartz, we will explore letting go using our breath and other meditative techniques.

If you like to laugh, toss out an occasional swear word, and are serious about giving yourself a sacred break with community once a week - this series is for you!

Note that class times are displayed in Central Time Zone (CT)


Thursday at 7:00 am (CT) for 6 weeks, starting February 22, 2018

Meditation and Ayurveda Philosophy for Your Health

Over this 4-week series, Natalie will guide you through meditations on pratyahara. She will also lead discussions on how to open up to nutritious food choices while simultaneously withdrawing from “wrong” food choices. As a fun bonus, Natalie will be sharing Ayurvedic recipes and cooking tips. There will also be time for journaling and reflection.


Thursday at 6:00 pm (CT) for 4 weeks, starting February 8, 2018

Introduction to Circling: Relational Meditation

"The practice of Circling encourages you to draw your own conclusions, while continuously allowing them to be re-drawn. The Five Principles can be lights on this path to presence with each other."

In this 90-minute FREE online, live intro class we will explore what are known as The FIVE Principles of Circling.

We will discuss each Principle in overview, practice an activity together to taste the embodiment, and then have space for further connecting. This is meant to be simply a taste… consider it akin to the aromas on a scratchN’sniff sticker… you’ll get a sense of things… and perhaps wet your pallet of interest to experience more.


On March 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm (CT)

iRest Tuesdays with Denise

What are the benefits of iRest?

Reduced insomnia and levels of stress.

Reduced chronic and acute pain.

Reduced depression, fear and anxiety.

Join Denise live and online on Tuesday evenings for a 45-minute iRest practice at 5:30pm, CT. This is a six-week series. Drop-Ins Welcome!

Come home from work, put on your favorite sweat pants and settle in with a cup of tea. What a wonderful way to recharge, refresh, and renew during these shorter winter days!


Tuesday at 5:30 pm (CT) for 6 weeks, starting February 13, 2018

Meditation for Stress

In this six-week online series you will explore many ways meditation can ease stress, help you connect with your emotions, clear your mind, soothe your senses, and be fully present as your life unfolds.

Each 60-minute class with Elizabete will include a brief talk-discussion, quiet sitting meditation, and time for sharing with the rest of the group. Drop-Ins Welcome!


Monday at 7:30 am (CT) for 6 weeks, starting February 12, 2018

The World Needs Heroes

Join Michael Hewett for a an online *live streaming* 4-week series to investigate meditation tools for the Hero's Journey that we find ourselves on in this increasingly complex world. 

The world today needs more heroes than ever before - and this class is aimed at giving you the tools necessary to show up for yourself and others in profound new ways. Join from wherever you are! Drop-In Class price available.


Wednesday at 10:00 am (CT) for 4 weeks, starting February 7, 2018

Cultivating an Everyday Meditation Practice

In this live online interactive 6-week meditation series with Kelly Lindsey, we will explore the practice and path of meditation and discuss how to make meditation a part of our everyday lives. Each class will include a short Dharma talk, guided meditation, a period of silent sitting, and an opportunity for personal reflection and group discussion. Drop-In Classes Available!

Note that class times are displayed in Central Time Zone (CT)


Thursday at 9:00 am (CT) for 6 weeks, starting January 18, 2018

The Poetry of Meditation

Join teacher Sarah Wasmer for an online, live, and interactive 6-week series of meditative exploration with classical poetry and prose. Each week, we’ll draw inspiration from a poem or a passage by an author of classical literature.

Expect to sit, contemplate, and discuss during this 60-minute class!


Sunday at 9:30 am (CT) for 6 weeks, starting February 11, 2018

Meditation for Bodyworkers and Healers

Do you find your energy depleted by your clients by the end of the day?

Join bodyworker Joseph Schwartz to learn meditation and somatic techniques to help you anchor and ground in good mental and energetic health.

As a bonus, Joseph will share techniques of self-care that can also be shared with your clients to complement their healing.


Thursday at 7:00 pm (CT) for 4 weeks, starting February 8, 2018

Meditation for Busy Folks: Integrating Your Breath

Join Kelly for just 35-minutes each Tuesday over this six-week series. Enjoy guided meditation, instruction for using the breath to bring calmness, clarity, and stability into your daily life.

Research has indicated that a regular meditation practice can offer us a wealth of benefits like reduced stress, anxiety, better relationships, increase in overall happiness, even a more resilient immune system. But we're busy and so we don't place meditation at the top of our to-do list!

This short class is designed for you if you feel the label "busy folks" applies! Let's get together before we fully start our day to sit and breathe.

Note that class times are displayed in Central Time Zone. Pricing is for entire series (6 classes total) (CT)


Tuesday at 7:00 am (CT) for 6 weeks, starting March 6, 2018

Women's WORKshop: Getting Meditation to Work for Your Busy Life

This 6-week live interactive online series with Allison Joy is specifically designed for:

- working women with limited time;

- women who wear many hats and want to learn how meditation can fit into their life, and

- women who want to understand how meditation can produce effective results!

Women’s WORKshop (60 mins) reveals how the savvy meditator can unlock the truly transformative power of the mind-body connection, while offering individual-specific guidance on how to target & customize the practice for one’s unique needs & desired outcome.

During each class, a specific method of meditation will be taught and practiced. Interactive discussion following the meditation session will provide an opportunity for students to share and support one another. We'll investigate how the learned technique may be utilized and modified for diverse applications (time constraints, alternative spaces, etc.). We want each class to serve in empowering each practitioner to construct a daily practice that fits their busy life!


Monday at 7:30 pm (CT) for 6 weeks, starting April 2, 2018

Inner Methods of Yoga: The Five Elements

The Five Elements - earth, water, fire, air, space - pervade both our internal and external worlds. They are the source of our being and can be a profound way of healing. Using sources from various yogic and Buddhist lineages, we'll explore how access and bring the elements into balance both in our bodies and in our world.

Join Denise for this thorough exploration of the five elements from a yogic and Tibetan Buddhist perspective - all from the comfort of your home. All of our classes are live and online!

IMY series are chocked full of meditations, teachings, and space for integration into your practice on the mat.

More Information Coming Soon!


Monday at 6:30 pm (CT) for 6 weeks, starting March 12, 2018

Parenting as a Practice of Joy
Parenting is quite possibly the most important job we will ever do, and often the hardest. In this 10-week series, learn how to bring calm into the chaos that parenting can bring. We will meet to sit, practice and discuss how to navigate the parenting journey with intention.

Note that class times are displayed in Central Time Zone (CT)


Tuesday at 7:00 pm (CT) for 10 weeks, starting January 16, 2018

Relational Meditation: An Exploration of Us

In this 60-minute online, live relational meditation class with Vanessa, we will explore this practice by meeting the fullness available in each moment.

This is a practice of profoundly BEING WITH YOURSELF and BEING WITH THE OTHER IN THEIR WORLD. Please join us in the celebration and cultivation of dynamic presence. Bring another to share in the exponential potential laden in the delicacies of relationship.


Monday at 7:00 pm (CT) for 6 weeks, starting April 2, 2018